Let's face it in a failed industry full of 'diets',gym memberships,classes and pills     Finding out the truth about what actuaIt shouldlly works for
We all do it You feel frustrated and useless You had a shite day full of people who pissed you off and all you could think
What do you believe... ...when it comes to getting in shape? What are your beliefs around food, exercise,motivation,investment (time and money)? Well let me give you
Now don't get me wrong here peeps I hate ANYTHING with the word 'diet' in it   It really just suggests you are going to have a
It's an EXAHUSTING process when you repeatedly make the same MISTAKES over and over again. You're pissed off and frustrated that it isn't going your way and
So just last week ALL of our lovely clients here super mammy fitness camp in Castleknock came and trained with a pumpkin! Some even dressed up for the