3 Weight Loss Secrets

  • Update: 25/03/2018
Let's face it in a failed industry full of
'diets',gym memberships,classes and pills
Finding out the truth about what actuaIt shouldlly
works for RESULTS is quite hard
so many conflicting views where the hell
are you supposed to start
Most of what people really need to KNOW about getting in shape
is KEPT from them
I've had thousands of conversations with woman who
have tried so hard for years jumping from diet plan
to new gym membership but got nowhere...
Here's 3 SECRETS our clients use to get EPIC
1.Make it so SIMPLE your granny could follow it...
Losing weight is not easy.Anybody that tries to tell you that
is a lying shitebag.
It can however be made simple and it 'should be'.
Most people don't know this- your body only loses weight as
fast as it loses weight- the same speed.
So when you make one change CONSISTENTLY is FAR more
powerful then changing everything at once.
No argument there honey.
But what's more simple one thing or changing everything?
ONE CHANGE...obviously
So find that bad habit and change it this week drink 2 litres of
water everyday then report back to me after 7 days.
2. the BASICS are the most IMPORTANT
the fitness industry is intimidating for most people looking
to get in shape I don't blame you really
everyone on instagram pushing prowlers and
posing in barely any clothes it's ridiculous
It seems like everyone has forgotten the BASICS
to get in shape
we look for the complicated things most of the time
but we haven't even mastered the SIMPLE stuff...crazy
the best exercise to get results hands down is the
non glamorous basic movement's.
The stuff people struggle with like push-ups from your toes,
squats without looking like a dog taking a dump
sprints,planks,pulling...see what I mean?
You already knew that though right?
the people in the best shape train like this every week
year round...myself included
and it's how we train my members at SMA
if you want the RESULTS you should too dude
3. The balance act...it's really a combination of
the CORE 3-
can't have one without the other now can we?
we exercise to shape our muscles and BURN FAT
(and to feel awesome...mental health is key)
food to support your health and create balance
lifestyle to keep your body rested and changing
Again none of this is SEXY...
But most people just don't do it often enough
to see results.
This is what I've been doing with my clients at Super Mammy
in Castleknock for the last year...
If you want to see what the fuss is all about I'll be opening
just a few more spaces for my next intake
Mail me
Go smash this Tuesday ladies