The 'Sticky' Diet 

  • Update: 11/12/2017

Now don't get me wrong here peeps

I hate ANYTHING with the word 'diet' in it


It really just suggests you are going to have a LONG, MISERBALE period of starving yourself followed by gorging all the crap food in your cupboards and ordering from the local chinese

Which again leads to gaining weight and feeling sorry for yourself

Now before you go off thinking is this a 'honey' diet I'm just being a little clever with the title to be honest

Ya see. I don't agree with 'dieting' whatsoever as it only leads to a life of misery and more fat gain

And from my 10 years of dealing with frustrated woman STICKING to something is what determines your success my friend


I've had LOADS of woman asking me everyday emailing

'Whats the best diet for losing weight....

'Is the Dukan any good to help me...'

'What about Ketogenic or Atkins...'


Now let me just explain myself here most of these 'diets' work to a certain extent as far as getting the job done temporarily but in the LONG TERM they actually really suck because at the end of the day 

ADHERENCE to the plan and 'keeping it up' is what helps you WIN at getting the body you want back in the long ride of life.

^^100% True and WRITE THIS DOWN^^


I'm going to be telling you what you NEED to hear 

Not what you WANT to hear

You 'already' know what foods to be eating don't you? 

It's more of a case of DOING it then knowing what you need to do because results can only happen from...


Which all stems from 'sticking' to the work that needs to be done

Hence why I call it the 'sticky' diet.......<< Pretty clever :-)


So so instead of subtracting things you like from your nutrition how about 'adding' the good stuff in?

Makes sense..right?

So here's my POWERFUL suggestion to help kick start you January weight loss and pre mammy body project

Avoid the Herbalife crap,slimming shake,pills and slimming world and instead

Stick to meat,fish,eggs,TONS of green veggies,seeds,nuts and 2-3 litres of water every day for 30 days 

I Guarantee you THAT is the ONLY way to shift stubborn baby weight and the years of crash dieting 

I preach a lifestyle and a way of eating at Super Mammy Academy 

Alot of people will say ''God that's  really simple it possibly couldn't work...could it?'



and YEP


After all having something simple to follow is perfect for a busy lifestyle right? 

We focus on eating NUTRIENT DENSE food instead of CALORIE DENSE food until eventually it's no longer a process of depriving yourself and you actually become HAPPIER eating foods that make you feel awesome while completely transforming your body LONG TERM 

Which is why starting the day with a GREENS Drink will SMASH every sugar craving under the sun so you can bounce around with the kids feeling 'exhilarated' 

And those cravings can make weight loss and toning up IMPOSSIBLE

A VERY powerful tip as greens can create alkalinity in the body

alkalise= MORE energy 


Only takes 1 Minute Nutribullet or Nutrininja 

1-2 handfuls of spinach washed

A few leaves of mint 

Half Avocado

Handful of blueberries


( ^^Even following this morning ritual can help you shift 4-7 pounds of unwanted fat in 7 days^^)

And eating well is a millions times easier when you don't feel like crap all the time :-)

No diet's here at Super Mammy Academy just a group of like minded woman who support and guide each other towards a LONG TERM PROCESS of getting healthier and changing bad habits gradually with the help of a bad ass transformation coach