3 Crazy Mistake's you KEEP Making...

  • Update: 21/11/2017

It's an EXAHUSTING process when you repeatedly make the same MISTAKES over and over again.

You're pissed off and frustrated that it isn't going your way and by the end of the week out comes the wine and takeaways.

You're fed-up wearing baggy clothes for another summer to hide the tummy,arms and hips. You can't stand looking at another salad for lunch feeling deprived and bloated...

So here we go 3 CrAzY mistakes you are making so you know WHY you are actually screwing things up for you.

>> KILLING yourself with EVERYTHING instead of focusing on the Minimum Effective Dose

In a desperate attempt to lose weight you are trying everything under the sun to get ready for whatever social occasion looming in the horizon. So what do you do?

You throw in some running, an evening walk, spinning classes, pilates, another 5km run at the weekend because you were bold, bootcamp, you starve yourself all week ontop of everything else just to see if it works...

Obviously it doesn't you step on the scales on the Monday morning only to feel depressed and BIGGER

You can't PUNISH your way to a healthier body especially by breaking yourself down with more stress. What's actually happening is your OVERSPILLING your STRESS BUCKET. Throwing everything at your body to a point that you are no longer building it but destroying it...

Add in the weekly deprivation diet and you are on a slippery slope to a life of rebound and weight gain not pretty...

>> STARVING yourself up until Friday

You continue to STARVE yourself all week the daily punishment that get's you nowhere FAST. The human body ain't stupid you can't outsmart it by feast and famine. Let's face it this approach ISN'T long term and you just end up putting everything back on getting even BIGGER.

Somethings going VERY wrong here....

It seems every woman I talk to has been on a 'DIET' their whole life  a long time to be doing something that hasn't worked right??

Slowing screwing your metabolism so when the weekend comes around the naughty snack becomes an ALL DAY FEAST you crack and give in...

Before you know it another week turns into more fat gain and it all becomes emotionally 'too much'

>>> Getting all your information from glossy magazines instead of an EXPERT

Reading this crap will do nothing more then fill you in on what's happening in celebrities lives and brainwashing you into eating 500 calories a day to look like Kate Middleton.

It's pretty much chocolate cake for the brain you crave it as soon as you have it you feel guilty 

I makes me spit nails when I hear woman actually read this stuff to get in shape it's what keeps me going writing these emails to INSPIRE and EDUCATE

You gotta NAIL at least 80-90% of your food intake EVERY week to actually make progress

Woman go ALL OUT on depriving themselves for a few weeks until willpower runs dry and you break the diet over and over again gaining a bit more of what you lost.

Stop shooting for 100% perfection allow for 10-15% elbow room for the treats because you CAN still lose weight when you plan for the IMPERFECTIONS otherwise you blow out when the weekend rolls in with your friends

Willpower isn't the problem you just haven't placed things in the right order and priority

THAT is the secret CONSISTENTLY nail the 80% EVERYDAY without fail stick to it don't just quit assess after a few weeks make adjustments wash rinse and repeat


Otherwise keep banging your head off that brick wall where you just end up BREAKING every weekend because you didn't get the basics right it's the ONLY reason you can't lose weight and it's HOLDING you back from those numbers

Your approach is all WRONG

You gonna keep doing the wrong thing?

I hope not....

So stop wasting your money on Aloe Vera, JuicePlus, Slimming pills whatever...

Get smart about this quit the LIFE LONG PUNSIHMENT it ain't working

Track what you are ACTUALLY doing then MEASURE it then build confidence with PROGRESS and RESULTS


Any questions ladies?

Now pass me that light so I can burn your closer magazine