My Weird Tip To Stop Binge Eating After Work

  • Update: 21/03/2018

We all do it

You feel frustrated and useless

You had a shite day full of people who pissed you off and all you could think about was going home after work

..and nose diving into EVERYTHING in the cupboards

you put the toast on while holding onto a jar of Nutella dipping a packet of biscuits thinking of what you could possibly eat next your SO HUNGRY then you just sit on the couch feelingso ashamed looking at the empty packets of everything you just ate


''I might aswell eat all this crap it's no use anyway I've never been able to lose weight''

that happens most night's right?

We literally eat to make ourselves FEEL better...

We binge eat because it's addictive and when were doing it you CANT STOP 

You see I know this happens to most of you reading my emails 

The problem is there for many people it sucks but there are ways to help

I'm gonna tell you about them right now

I've used this strategy myself because I used to and still do it when I get STRESSED 

When you know you are coming home after work planning on all the peanut butter you are going to inhale

Firstly keep a bottle of water in the car make sure it's full.


>>that's the first step ( this can get rid of hunger and SUGAR cravings)


That's not enough thought you'll still run in screaming saying give the chocolate I feel like shit

Next step have a packet of CHEWING GUM

Get all the flavours you like

This is GOLD

Start chewing it in the car and in the house when you sprint in...

Ever tried to eat chocolate with a minty taste?

It's horrible you won't want ;-)

You see its weird when you chew the gum you kinda get that sugar hit to pass with the chewing and you trick your brain into thinking ...yeah I'm having something sweet fuck yeah

If it comes down to having a packet or two of sugar chewing gum vs eating everything in the kitchen everynight

I'd take the chewing gum hand's down

Try it out its pretty awesome 

The missus hates it though 

She finds all my chewing gum packets everywhere and the occasional chewing gum in the bed that get's stuck on her foot or pillow I forget when I go to sleep

Anyway it really does work


Secondly STILL have your fav thing you love to eat every night whatever it is something small what this does is MENTALLY set you up for a win you won't feel the need to binge on everything because you can't have it 

in this you can so your like

'' oh I can have my treat tonight no need to 

eat everything in the cupboards tonight''

See how that works?

So 2 things to BEAT the binge food fest

>>Get your chewing gum on

>>Have that ONE thing you love so you don;t have to binge on everything


Try it out legends

I'm out 

Happy Sunday