The Hard Truth About Motivation

  • Update: 29/01/2018

What do you believe...

...when it comes to getting in


What are your beliefs around food,

exercise,motivation,investment (time and money)?

Well let me give you a few examples I hear ALL THE TIME.

  • I just don't 'feel' motivated to exercise.
  • I am going to have to suffer,deprive myself, have superhuman willpower to lose weight
  • The time needs to be right to get started
  • My diary is too busy maybe next month
  • I need to 'get fit' before I start
  • I must be in control and stay on the wagon for this to work
  • I need someone to tell me what to do I can’t do it by myself

Can you think of any?

I bet you can.

But the thing is these 'beliefs' are HOLDING so many people back from achieving a  powerful body transformation

They ultimately LEAD to 'unhealthy' behaviors, thoughts and feelings.

..which in turn.

ends up resulting with a person NEVER seeing any long lasting progress.

What we belief affects what we DO and what we are committed to DAILY.

But it's Ok most people have unhealthy beliefs.

The first thing to do...

STEP BACK and 'recognise' these STORIES we tell ourselves aren't TRUE.


It doesn't make sense. It's CRAZY when you write it down and really ask yourself

Why aren't you happy?

Why can't you get healthy?

What's stopping you from losing weight?

Find out what that THING is...coz 

It's not usually 'the thing' that is holding you back

It's what YOU BELIEVE about 'the thing' <<<

Insane right?

The good news for you we can FIX THAT.


so you can see consistent progress

Change your STORY


It's that powerful.

You'd be amazed how many woman I talk to and they realize how long they've been  holding themselves back with their OWN STORY.

So what are you waiting for then?

What do you believe?

Get after it ladies

Happy Monday